What is Oracle? A Video Tutorial

This Video describes:

1) Historical Origins;

2) Major Components;

3) Various Versions and Editions and

4) Client-side Utilities.


Basic Concepts of Relational Databases


Oracle Database Administration


Backup Oracle Database with RMAN



By Carlos Lascano



  1. I am Oracle DBA working from last 1.5 years.
    I really got inspire from your blog and also i am planning to make website like you did.
    So can you please tell me what is the prerequisites for making the same.
    Also please let me know from where did you purchase domain and size of you website and cost of it.

    Fardin Shaikh
    Oracle DBA

    • Hi Fardin,

      Just login to and create your own blog.

      ~ Monish

  2. hi monish,

    kindly help me with some issues i have while learning admin 1 part.
    i have an IJP pending from my organisation and the DBA team wants me to be a good DBA asap.
    i am confused and waste a lot of time while thinking what will happen if i fail.
    please assist as i am running out of time and if i will fail, all my hard work will be wasted.
    i hope you understand my concern.
    please help me with the easiest and familiar study material for that.
    i know this might be a common question for you but i am in serious trouble.
    begging you to help.


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