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Hi! Friends,

This is Monish from India. I’m a Database Administrator by profession. The reason of this blog is just to share my views, creativity, stories and skin deep knowledge I’ve in Oracle.

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  1. HI Monish!

    I am reading the E-Book (Oracle 10g Architecture) that you uplaoded to Scribd and I would like to buy to read other chapters. Would you mind telling me the name of this book by email? Thanks!

  2. hi manish
    i am ashish thigale ,
    i worked in IT company in skills sql,plsql,d2k
    can you help about dba
    i want easy ebook for the oracle dba
    pls can you send ebook on my email
    thank for your blog

  3. Hi Monish,
    My name is Giridhar.I have one doubt,plz clarify me.Iam good at Oracle(sql,pl/sql).after oracle what is the good course to learn.Oracle Apps is good or ERPs like siebel or peoplesoft are good.Which technologies has a good future.what should i do now.please give your valuable suggestion.

    • Hi Giridhar,

      All technologies have more or less good prospect in its own field. Now you need to decide which why you want to go. Being a DBA I would always suggest to go for Oracle Apps 🙂

  4. Hi Monish,
    This is Kamlesh, I am good in Linux Administration, now I am planing to do a DBA course, am i on write track?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Kamlesh,

      As per my experience, it gives a good prospect if you are good at both LINUX/UNIX admin and Oracle admin. so I would say you are on right track. But in the real DBA world, along with Linux, you need to have a good understanding of Solaris, HP-UNIX, AIX, Windows environments and SAN, RAW etc storages.

      Hope this will Help.


  5. hello monish sir,
    sir i am learning dba i.e admin 1 and admin 2 so will you plz
    help out in this. i want an easy e-book where i”ll get everything pin to plane about dba topics with an easy way….
    n how to study this topics by own if somebody can”nt afford teaching……..

    hope u will ans. me asap……

    • Hi Piyush,
      Thanks for your comment. Since you want to know every about DBA, from Pin to Plane, I’m afraid there is no Easy way my friend.
      For self study purpose, I would suggest you to go through Oracle Database Doc Library. There you will find almost every thing you need to now about Oracle DBA.

  6. Hi Monish,

    I have getting constant issue of being index unusable while batch loads, could you please suggest what could me the reasons for index are becoming unusable.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Please check for the dependent objects of the index. Also is it a newly created index or a existing one?

  7. hi Monish,
    Currently i am i oracle dba.due to resource shortage my team want me to wrk for SQL dba.is it a gud stream to wrk.will we have more opprtunities compared to oracle dba??

    • Hi Sri,
      Thanks for writing. Now a day’s no big client uses only one flavor of RDBMS to manage their data and the combination of Oracle and SQL Server is a very common practice. Also in ITIS env, companies are looking for database admin rather than Oracle or SQL specific DBAs. So you will definitely get very good industry exposure if you can manage to learn both Oracle and SQL Server.

      Hope this will help.

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