Posted by: Monish | October 18, 2008

Configuring the Flash Recovery Area & Archivelog Mode

How will you configure the Flash Recovery Area & Archivelog mode of your database through Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control?

I found the answer in Linda Smith’s blog. She explains the whole thing step by step with snaps. It does prove really helpful to me.

I was working on Windows XP platform. The problem I faced during Specify Host and target Database Credentials is “RemoteOperationException: ERROR: Wrong password for user”.

To solve the above problem follow the steps below:

Go to Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Local Security Policy–>Local Policies–>User Rights Assignment–>U will see in the policy as “Log on as a batch Job–>right click–>Properties–>add user or groups–>give your OS username.



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  2. Thanks for noting my blog!

  3. I want to know if archive log destination fill on the production database. steps to solve this issue

  4. great blog for DBA’s for improving their knowledge.

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